Can I test my email for mobile devices?

Yes, you can preview your email in mobile, desktop, and tablet views respectively, before sending it. There are three ways to go about this.

Testing an email in the gallery

Click on an email template in the gallery.


The desktop preview is selected by default. You can scroll through to see how the email would look on a desktop


Select the mobile icon on top and scroll through to see how the email would look on a mobile.


You can also see how the email would look on a tablet. Simply click the tablet icon and scroll.


Testing an email in the Email Maker

Open an email in the Email Maker by selecting a template from the gallery and clicking the ‘Edit email’ button.


The Email Maker shows you previews of your email template in all three modes: phone, tablet, and desktop. Use this method to see how each edit changes how your email would look on various devices.


Switch between previews by clicking on the icons at the top of the email template.





Testing an email in ‘Preview’

Open an email in the Email Maker by selecting a template from the gallery and clicking the ‘Edit email’ button.

Once inside the Email Maker, click the ‘Preview’ button on the top ribbon. The preview display will appear.


You can scroll through different previews of your email by clicking the various device icons at the top of your email.


Go back to the Email Maker to make any necessary edits based on the preview.

Best practices for making an email on mobile

It’s a good idea to optimize your emails for mobile devices, since 68% of email campaigns are now being opened on a mobile device. Here are a couple of tips for making mobile-friendly emails.

1. Trim the subject line

Whereas most desktop screens display approximately 60 characters of an email’s subject line, many mobile screens display much fewer characters: only about 25-30. If you must have a longer subject line, go about it smartly. Have all the important and catchy information in the beginning, so recipients will get the idea even if it is cut off. They may even be intrigued to read more.

2. Make use of the preheader

Think of the subject line as a heading, and the preheader as a subheading for your email. Use this space wisely to fit in any additional information that did not fit in the subject line. Alternatively, you can use the preheader as a call to action. Like the subject line, make sure to keep this to the point. Check out more subject line and preheader tips here.

3. Cater to short attention spans

A 2015 study showed that mobile users only spend 3 seconds or less reading emails. This really puts the pressure on the sender to keep emails short and snappy. To counter this problem, make use of graphics and stickers to break up chunks of text. Fit each element into a separate screen, to keep the reader’s attention. Use dividers, paragraphs, and bulleted or numbered lists in text.

4. Keep image and video use minimal

Emails opened in mobile devices either contain blocked images, or have drastically long load times based on the large image sizes. The same goes for video.. Keep these tips in mind when optimizing your email for mobile, and try to stick to text and CTAs as much as you can. Let the text do the talking. Use dividers and sections in various color combinations to break the monotony, rather than using a plethora of images and video.

Note that all videos are trimmed to a 10-second GIF length in the Email Maker

5. Send test emails

While the preview feature is highly useful in gauging how your emails will appear across devices, it is a good practice to always send test emails and open them on various devices as a final check with regard to appearance, readability, and click-friendliness.

Try out this 10-step guide to email marketing strategies for beginners.


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