Why should I use a Brand Kit?

PosterMyWall’s Brand Kits feature is an easy-to-use, handy tool which gives you a quick, organized overview of all your different branding elements. Having your branding colors, fonts, and logos on easy access speeds up designing and makes it more consistent.

Brand Kits goes one step further by giving you the option to collaborate with your team in the creation of your branding.

Reasons to use Brand Kits

Here’s why Brand Kits may be a good fit for your business: 

Make a good first impression

First impressions are crucial for building rapport with potential new customers.

And when it comes to branding, eye-catching marketing material with a high-quality logo, a consistent, meaningful color palette, and beautiful typography makes a far more impactful first impression than generic material with no discerning features.

Brand Kits helps you make a great first impression by giving you easy access to elements that will help make your brand stand out.

Collaborate with your team

Brand Kits is built both for individuals and for teams. This means you may use it on your own, or to collectively brainstorm your brand identity with your design team, keeping your entire team on the same page.

Brand Kits created by team members are automatically shared with everyone else on the team. Team Space includes other features as well. The ‘Team’ section contains all the folders and templates that your team shares, whereas the ‘Brand Kits’ section contains all of the team’s shared brand kits.

Here’s how to view other team members’ Brand Kits.

Save time

Brand Kits save time by allowing you to quickly access branded colors, fonts and images. Time spent searching for and inserting the right branding color codes can now be spent in more productive ways, since with Brand Kits, the brand colors are right there in the PosterMyWall editor when you’re creating new branding content.

As with brand colors, Brand Kits allows you to have your fonts ready for use. You only need to upload or choose them once, and then they are saved to the Editor under your Brand Kit name.

Similarly, the logo(s) (or any other images) you choose will be right in front of you for easy access whenever you need to create new branding or promotional content.

All this means that you can create designs in bulk for your marketing, at a much faster pace than before. All your brand elements are pre-saved and at your fingertips. The only edits you need to make are to the content of each design - you are covered on the colors, fonts, and logos front.

By saving time in this area, you can dedicate more time to brainstorming, coming up with innovative marketing strategies, and making sure your business comes up on top.

Here’s how you can navigate the different assets in Brand Kits to save time.


Brand Kits helps you avoid running into the problem of your brand image becoming inconsistent or misrepresented.

Staying consistent with your branding becomes important as your business expands. You want to build a strong relationship with your new audience, which may lead to them converting to your brand and becoming loyal customers. Creating a consistent brand identity helps convince people to care about your brand.

This helps with recognizing  the product or service you are offering better, and means whenever people see your content they will immediately associate it with your brand.

Brand Kits makes this simple by providing an easily accessible template where anyone in need can find all the key elements of your brand.


Brand Kits are there for your ease and convenience, and to provide an interactive, collaborative experience with your team. Use them to bring all your branding elements together seamlessly.

Read this detailed guide to learn more about using Brand Kits or watch the short video below. 

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