What’s new in tiered pricing for teams?

Our new tiered pricing makes accommodating your growing teams much more cost-effective. It’s cheaper than before, saves you from paying extra for each new person, and is the best option for adding your co-workers, clients or friends to your Premium plan. 

Here’s a price comparison which will make this clearer.

In the past, to add each new member to a team, you had to pay one full subscription price, i.e. $9.95 for a monthly Premium/team member. So, if you had, say, 5 members in your team, you would need to pay $9.95 x 5 = $49.75.

Now, with the introduction of tiers, you only need to pay the tier price. We offer three tiers, with the prices as follows.

  Monthly Premium Monthly Premium Plus Annual Premium Annual Premium Plus
2-5 members $14.95 per month $35.95 per month $159.95 per year $359.95 per year
6-10 members $49.95 per month $99.95 per month $539.95 per year $999.95 per year
Greater than 10 $5 per seat $15 per seat $50 per seat $160 per seat


This means that if you have 5 members in your team, you fall under the first team tier. So, a monthly Premium subscription for 5 members in your team, would cost you only $14.95, as compared to the previous rate of $49.75, which is a huge price discount!

Similar rules apply for all other subscription plans, as the table above shows.

Even if your team exceeds 10 members, the price for adding each additional member will not be a full subscription price. You pay $5 per seat for a monthly Premium subscription, $15 per seat for a monthly Premium Plus subscription, and so on.

Pay only once within a tier

Not only is tiered pricing much cheaper than the old Teams pricing, but it is also much more convenient.

You only have to pay once without the need to have to pay for each additional member, as long as you are within your chosen tier.

For example, you will have to pay $14.95 once per month for a monthly Premium subscription, no matter how many additional members you add between 2 and 5 members for the first tier.

Read our detailed guide on team subscriptions to learn more. 

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