What's the template submission criteria

The template submission process is set in place so that everyone gets a fair chance at showcasing their talent to the world. Here's what you need to know about the template submission process. 

All newly submitted and approved designs will be visible at the top of the gallery (of their respective category) for a specified window of time. This means all of your templates will get a chance to be noticed by customers and will only be removed if they get a fair number of views. 

This window of time varies between categories. Popular categories have a shorter as window as they get more traffic, so your templates get more views. Niche categories get less views hence your templates will stay around longer. 

The system is put in place to make sure your hard work receives the visibility it deserves, despite the large volume of new submissions coming in every day. We want all of our designers to have a fair ground to compete on. 

Here are some additional strategies you can implement to not only get more views, but also template downloads and sales: 

  1. Submit your templates to the relevant categories. Submitting a template to a popular but irrelevant category make get you views, but they will not be translated to sales. 
  2. Research and add keywords to your templates to describe them best. This helps your templates appear in the right searches. 
  3. Create high quality designs that keep the customer's needs in mind. 
  4. Give your templates descriptive names. 

Rejected templates

Templates that do not meet our quality criteria may not get published and will instead be found in the Rejected templates tab in your My Stuff. Templates may get rejected if they: 

  1. Do not meet our quality guidelines
  2. Contain Inappropriate/illegal content
  3. Are highly similar to existing published templates

This article covers everything you need to know to deal with designs rejected for publishing. 

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