How do I unlock my complete designer profile?

When you sign up as a designer, your designer profile will become available for potential customers to view. You will have complete access to most designer profiles features including the 'Popular' and 'Summary' tabs. Here's what they do. 

  • Summary tab: Customers can view all published templates, divided into categories, as you've specified in the publishing process.
  • Popular tab: Your popular, well-received templates are on display here.

A locked profile does not restrict designers from creating content, or accessing design features, except for custom fonts (available only to PosterMyWall Premium/Premium Plus subscribers). 

There is no restriction on content visibility either, and your designs will be readily available to customers. In other words, you will earn as much royalties with a locked profile as you would with an unlocked profile.

What you get by unlocking

An unlocked designer profile gets the following features:

Display social media profiles

Boost your social media presence. You can add links that lead customers to your Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, YouTube or LinkedIn pages. 

Email contact

You can choose to display email contact. Makes it easy for customers to contact you. Messages will be sent to your email that is registered to PosterMyWall. 

Profile avatar

Display a personal picture, or if you're part of an agency, display the logo. 

'About' text

introduce yourself, or add your motto. 

These options allow you to market your templates better, and gives your profile a complete look. 

How to unlock your profile

To make your designer profile legible for unlocking, create high quality content that customers can customize and use in PosterMyWall. When you feel your profile is ready to be unlocked, send us a message via our feedback form, and our quality control team will have a look.

Penalized profiles

A designer profile may get penalized for plagiarizing, or using explicit content on their templates. A penalized profile does not have the features available to unlocked profiles, or the summary and popular tabs, available to all other designers. 

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