Introduction to stock photos and videos

The PosterMyWall editor provides an integrated system of adding stock photos and videos, without the need to open an additional tab. You can add stock graphics from Storyblocks, Flickr, Pixabay and Getty Images libraries directly into the PosterMyWall editor. 

We will guide you through the process of adding stock photos and stock videos to your designs. 

Adding Stock photos

Stock graphics can be uploaded from the editor via the ‘Media tab’, without a need to open an extra tab or window. To add a stock photo, first click ‘Media’ on the left bar, then select 'View All' in the ‘Photo’ category. 

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A search box will appear on the page, with two tabs below for filtering out photos between free and stock graphics by GettyImages (which are available to all customers). GettyImages can be identified by the ‘g’ tag on them in the search. 

Select any library and start typing in the search. Click 'Search' and the results will filter out. Double click any stock photo to add it to your design. 

Add stock videos

Similarly you can add a stock video to your design (with a limit of four videos, and three GettyImages video per design). In the editor, go to ‘Media’, then select 'Videos' in the pop-up window. 

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Click on ‘View all’ and a new search window will appear. You can search the video library based on Free videos, Getty Images and 4K resolution videos. 

On mobile

To add a stock photo or video on PosterMyWall mobile editor, first click ‘Add’ on the bottom left corner, then select 'Media'. 


An Explore tab will open, click on photos or videos depending on what you want to add to your design. 

Click on ‘View all’ and a new search window will appear. You can search the library based on Free videos, Getty Images and 4K resolution videos. 


Additional Primers on Stock Graphics

PosterMyWall offers free stock graphics, that is, stock photos provided by Storyblocks, Flickr and Pixabay. Graphics by Getty Images are known as premium stock graphics. No more than three Getty stock images can be added per design, and such a design must be purchased, as adding stock graphics by Getty Images adds a large watermark to your free image download.

You can use stock graphics by GettyImages freely on all subscription plans

New to PosterMyWall? Here's a quick video guide to add videos to your designs on PosterMyWall. 

Read this article to learn how to add stickers to your design. 

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