How do I set up my account as a designer?

Update August, 2023: Added verification process.

Setting up your designer account is easy. You can start by creating your design. Go to and start creating by clicking 'Create a Design'.

Please note, you need to be logged in to register as a designer. 

Once you've made your first design, save it, and click the file. Then 'Submit as Template'.


If you're not verified, you will be asked to verify first. A link will be sent to your email automatically after you click 'Submit as Template' button. You will be required to open your email client, open the automated email by PosterMyWall and click the verify button in the email. 

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Now that you're verified, go back to the submit your design page and click the 'Next: Add details' button to continue. You will be asked to add a name and tags for the design. 

When you publish a template for the first time, you’ll also be asked to add payment details so you can receive royalties via PayPal. See the ‘Set up billing’ section below to learn more. 

Name your templates

You will then be prompted to add some basic details of the design in the new page, starting with a descriptive name, which accurately describes the content. Some examples:

  • Dark Blue Nightclub Flyer
  • Light Green Job Vacancy Ad
  • Vintage Karaoke Poster
  • Christmas Sale and Deals Video

Next add categories most associated with the design. You can add up to two categories, however we recommend restricting the template to one category. Adding categories is important, so only the most relevant audience can find it. A teacher will show little interest in a real estate advertisement flyer. 

Add tags to your templates

Next, add up to 5 tags that describe the designs. Tags are little snippets and phrases that people use to search for content on search engines. These help potential customers in finding your templates. Some examples include: 

  • School admissions banner
  • Rock concert poster
  • Lawn mower advertisement
  • New Year video invitation
  • Diwali posters

Think of tags that best fit and describe your content. Getting the tags right means only people who are actively looking for your kind of designs will find it.

One thing to keep in mind is as a designer you are expected to create unique and customizable designs that meet our design guidelines.

Templates that stand out from others while staying relevant tend to rank better on searches and gallery pages. 

Set up billing 

You will need to add an active PayPal account to receive royalties at the end of each month. Royalties are sent out if you have at least $50 of outstanding royalties. The process for sending royalties is completely automated. 

To add your billing details: 

  1. Go to the Edit Profile page.  
  2. Under the ‘Required for Royalty Payments’, add the various required details. 
  3. You will need to add your legal/business name, billing address, PayPal email and phone number. 
  4. Once you’ve added your details, click the ‘Save’ button at the bottom of the page. 

You can now receive the royalties you earn from templates. 

A note on quality control 

Sometimes designers may choose to design multiple highly similar templates, save for a few tiny changes, such as resizing or changing colors for some graphic items, then publishing them.

The system runs automated checks to ensure all designs meet our quality standards. If designs are found lacking, this leads to repercussions, including:

  1. Templates getting flagged, temporarily unpublished, and sent to the ‘Rejected Templates’ section in your My Stuff.
  2. Variations not shown as individual templates in the gallery. They will be displayed in the preview dialogs for other, similar templates only.
  3. A reduction in sales, as customers are likely to pick unique designs over copied templates.

Templates that are similar to existing templates in the gallery may not be displayed as frequently as unique templates. 

Avoid these repercussions by improving your designs. Create unique customizable templates with graphics, colors, layout designs that are unique to that template.

Your published templates will be displayed at the top of the category that you choose for a specific window of time. These will be eventually overtaken by newer templates published in that category. 

By experimenting and creating new kinds of designs, you will increase your sales as well as the overall popularity of your designs.

Information needed for US citizens

If you are a U.S. Designer you must provide the following information. We are required to provide the IRS form 1099 to our U.S. Designer in January for the previous calendar year. You are responsible for ensuring that we have your updated information.

  • Legal Name that payment is made payable
  • Social Security number
  • Mailing address (including apt. no.)

Note: All rates and pricing related to royalties are calculated in US dollars. 

Congratulations, your designer account is ready! 

To submit more templates, just open the preview page of the design you'd like to submit and click 'sell as template'. 


Note: You can publish up to 10 templates per day. 

And that's all there's to it. Here's a video if you need a refresher! 


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