How is PosterMyWall different from other online design platforms?

Welcome to PosterMyWall!

PosterMyWall offers an easy, design solution for individuals and businesses alike to create high value visual content in the form of images and videos. Our design tools are made so as to maximize accessibility, while providing you with a great product. In this article, we'll talk about everything that makes your design experience better, while being unique only to PosterMyWall. 


PosterMyWall offers a chance for you to create professional looking videos easily, at a reasonable budget without the help of a dedicated, professional designer. Our video maker is designed to be flexible, allowing you to change an image into a video or vice versa. Videos are available for download for 14.95 USD. 

Huge Variety of Templates

PosterMyWall offers a near endless supply of free, customizable templates for all kinds of events, and the list is expanding! Templates are available for both images and videos, and for offline media and social media content. 

Free Social Media Images 

We offer pre-set sizes for most social media websites (Twitter, Facebook and Instagram). A basic image download (without Getty stock) of any these images will get you a download that is free of watermarks, and excellent for sharing online. This with customizable templates makes PosterMyWall a great solution for your social media needs, all for free. 

Free Email Templates

We have a huge variety of professionally designed, responsive email templates. Whether for business, special occasions, or events, you can explore our various email templates catering to every industry and need. Add photos, videos, stickers, buttons, tables, social links, and more. 

You can even copy the HTML for your customized email template to publish via an email service provider of your choice. Moreover, PosterMyWall's Email Editor automatically optimizes your emails to look fantastic on any device, from smartphones to desktops. 

Publish and Schedule Email Campaigns

Grow and manage your mailing lists in one place. Whether you're adding your existing contacts, refining your list to target converting customers or creating sign-up forms to organically grow your audience, we provide you the tools and capabilities you need to effortlessly handle every aspect of your email marketing strategy and subscriber management.

We also offer you the tools necessary for analyzing your campaign’s performance by recording various email metrics. Use this to learn from your mistakes, plan and create successful campaigns. 

Free Collaboration Options

Working together with your team or your clients can make a huge difference in time spent designing, and the quality of the final product. At PosterMyWall, you can use our collaboration features completely for free! Collaboration allows you to share your design or its copy with others through email, social media or by copying a link. 

Free Resizing

Resizing a design is not a big deal, as it is a basic feature in most design tools and softwares. However, we allow you to resize the design as many times as you like, all for free.

Schedule and Publish Content

Creating content is only one part of what you can do on PosterMyWall. From your My Stuff page, you can post and schedule content to Facebook and Twitter, and it's all free. 

Getty Stock Graphics

GettyImages offers a wide range of stock graphics for every occasion, allowing you to create all kinds of content. GettyImages also offers high resolution videos, which can be used to make your video advertisements stand out. Getty stock graphics are not free to download, and the free basic image download for all kinds of designs (including social media images) will have a large watermark. 

Content with stock graphics by GettyImages is free to download on the Premium subscription plans

You can get started with designing now, by going to the PosterMyWall editor


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