What download options for videos does PosterMyWall offer?

PosterMyWall offers video, which is great for sharing online, and display ads. Free video downloads are available, but they are limited to 20 seconds of play time, and contain a large watermark. 

The high resolution video download has no such restriction and will contain no watermark. 

Videos can be created in all canvas sizes normally available for images. 

The video download costs $14.95. 

4K video downloads, great for 4K supporting screens are available for $24.95. 

We recommend getting the free video download only for testing out your video. Get the video download for $14.95 to get the best use out of your video.

Premium subscription plan

On the Premium subscription plan ($9.95 per month), you get free HD video downloads for designs that contain your own video clips and no stock graphics by GettyImages. 

Premium Plus subscription plan 

On the Premium Plus subscription plan ($29.95 per month), you get free HD video downloads for designs that may contain stock graphics apart from premium stock graphics by GettyImages. 

In the case of videos with stock graphics by GettyImages, you're required to pay 2 Credits (you earn Credits each month, depending on your subscription plan)

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