How do I add variety to my templates?

We encourage you to make a good range of templates for both a single category or multiple categories. Expanding your horizons is not only good for improving your technique, but also exposes you to a wider audience with many interests. 

Here's a couple of ways you can easily create more templates, while maintaining quality. 

Color palettes

You can create multiple iterations of a single template by copying it, using different color palettes. The results can be stunning, and gives your customer more options to choose from.

Here's how Renee, our top designer makes use of various color palettes.

Accounting1_-_Made_with_PosterMyWall.jpg Accounting2_-_Made_with_PosterMyWall.jpg Accounting3_-_Made_with_PosterMyWall.jpg
Copy_of_Audition_-_Made_with_PosterMyWall__1_.jpg Copy_of_Audition_-_Made_with_PosterMyWall.jpg Copy_of_Auditions_-_Made_with_PosterMyWall.jpg

Look up color palettes

No matter how good of a designer you are, you’re bound to run out of ideas for color combinations for your designs. To keep things interesting and fresh, we’ve shortlisted some great online resources for picking color palettes for you:

All of these resources are free and easily accessible.

Tweak Layouts

You can also make small tweaks to the layout of a design to make a completely new design. There are many ways to do this, such as by:

  • Swapping out images
  • Changing text and image placement
  • Changing clipart and effects

Here's how you can make music class flyer templates for a whole assortment of instruments in a short time.

Copy_of_Instruement_lessons_-_Made_with_PosterMyWall.jpg drum_lessons_-_Made_with_PosterMyWall.jpg Piano_Lessons_-_Made_with_PosterMyWall__1_.jpg
Piano_Lessons_-_Made_with_PosterMyWall.jpg Trumpet_Lessons_-_Made_with_PosterMyWall.jpg Tuba_lessons_-_Made_with_PosterMyWall.jpg

Use resizing

Resizing is available for free, so you can use it generously in template creation. If you’ve prepared a template of a flyer, you can copy and resize it to copies with different canvas sizes. Then open a new design, adjust the content and publish.

Here are some of our most commonly used preset sizes:

  • A4 posters
  • Flyer (US letter)
  • Poster (24in x 36in)
  • Instagram post
  • Facebook shared image
  • Facebook cover video
  • A3 posters

Explore more Themes

If you're sticking to a few themes, chances are, you're reaching a small subset of people. To get more heads interested, you should create content that they're interested in, which can include both seasonal content (Christmas, Thanksgiving, Ramadan etc) and non-seasonal content (party, retail, local event).

  • The first step to explore new ideas is by checking out the PosterMyWall gallery, and see what's getting made. You’ll find a variety of categories and sub-categories to choose from.
  • Next you want to shortlist a couple of new themes you'd like to focus. Start slow, and focus on getting great templates made.

Now it's time to look for inspiration. Pinterest and Behance are your places to look for inspiration. Remember to use the images in these sites only as references, from where you can create your own unique designs.

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