How to add photos from my device?

PosterMyWall’s editor allows you to import photos and add them to your designs on any device.

From your laptop

To add photos from your laptop or desktop computer, open your design in the editor, and click on ‘My Uploads’.

Screenshot 2024-01-25 140912.png

The ‘My Uploads’ menu will open. Click the blue ‘Upload media’ button and then select the photo you want to upload from your file explorer. You can also upload photos from your Google Drive, Dropbox, or Facebook by clicking on their respective icons on the right.

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Click on ‘Upload photos’ to add photos directly to your collection. 

From your mobile

If you’re using your smartphone, you can add photos from your photo library to your designs.

Open the editor and click on the blue ‘Add’ button at the bottom left of your screen.

From the list of options, click ‘My Uploads’.

The ‘My Uploads’ menu will open. Click on the blue ‘Upload media’ button to add photos from your mobile. A pop-up with three upload options will appear. Click on ‘Photo Library’ to access the pictures on your device.  

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If you want to add photos from your Facebook, Dropbox, or Google Drive, click the three horizontal dots button next to the ‘Upload media’ button to explore these options. 

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