How do I make sure the right people see my templates?

Creating outstanding templates is great, but it only gets half the job done. Your target audience needs to be able to see your templates. Here we’ll help you do just that.

The keywords, categories, design styles, and descriptions you add to your templates improve their visibility in the gallery and searches, which influences the customizations and sales they get.  

Use relevant keywords 

Adding the right tags and keywords to your templates will increase their discoverability for the right people. For example, if you've designed a menu, you want people actively looking for menus to find you. Doing this right means you'll appear in relevant searches, and also in the right categories.

You can determine the relevant tags and keywords to add to your templates by considering the following: 

  1. The ideal customer/user

This is the group of people or types of establishments/organizations who are most likely to search for and use your templates. These can be schools, businesses, restaurants, and churches.

  1. The category/size of your template

This is defined by the dimensions of your template and the channel your template is designed for. For PosterMyWall, these include posters, flyers, emails, social media graphics, etc.

  1. The theme and niche

Add keywords and tags based on the intended usage and purpose of a template. If the design is geared toward churches, for instance, what is its intended purpose (e.g., promotion of Sunday service) it will serve for them?   

Each template on PosterMyWall is scored, and a higher score means the template will be found higher up on the page. One way your templates gain score is when customers interact with them, such as by customizing and purchasing downloads. And this is only possible if your template is being discovered by its intended audience. That’s why it’s essential to add accurate tags and keywords for your templates. 

Add to a single category

Most templates neatly fit into one category, and some templates are not a perfect fit in any category. For example, a skiing template could be added to the ‘Sports’ as well as ‘Winter’ category (it has a ‘Winter sports’ sub-category) since there is no category dedicated to skiing.

Similarly, for an archery tournament flyer, you add the template to the closest category available, which is the ‘Contests’ category.

Sticking to a single category means the maximum number of people who are interested in your design will find it. To look at it another way, adding your template to many, or somewhat related categories means more people will view the template, and among them, fewer people will be interested in it. This adversely affects your score and your template will be indexed lower into the searches so even fewer people will reach it.

Not sure where to add your template? Send us a message and we’ll advise you.

Choose the right design styles

The visual elements- such as colors, fonts, and clip art- of your templates can tie together to give rise to certain design styles. While submitting your templates, you can add up to two design styles for your templates from a drop-down list. These include:

  • Vintage/retro 
  • Floral 
  • Pastel
  • 3D
  • Abstract 
  • Clean and minimal 
  • Typographic 
  • Illustrated 
  • Luxurious/glamorous 
  • Youthful/colorful

By categorizing your templates under any of these design styles, you can add more cohesion to your designs and increase the chances of them being found by people looking for templates of that particular style.

Describe your templates

All published templates need to have a descriptive name, which accurately describes the content. Having a descriptive name also affects searchability, and a template named ‘A New Design’ will have a harder time getting attention than an appropriately named design. Here are some name examples:

  • Modern Glossy Music Event Poster
  • Dark Blue Nightclub Flyer
  • Light Green Job Vacancy Ad
  • Vintage Karaoke Poster
  • Christmas Sale and Deals Video

Looking for tips on increasing the sales of templates? Read our guide on getting more sales.


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