All keyboard shortcuts for the PosterMyWall editor

You can use keyboard shortcuts to perform many actions on the PosterMyWall editor. Here's a table outlining every keyboard shortcut currently available.

Note: If you're using a Mac, you will have the cmd key instead of the ctrl key for shortcuts. For example, use ctrl z to undo on a Windows laptop or PC, and ⌘(cmd) z if you're using a Mac.  


General editing use 

Key Action
Space Toggle video to play/pause
⌘ z, ctrl z Undo
shift z, ctrl shift z, ctrl y, ⌘ y Redo
Shift t Add text
⌘ s, Shift s Save design
Delete, backspace Delete items
d, ctrl d Duplicate items
Esc Deselect item/multiple items
+ (when no item is selected) Zoom in
- (when no item is selected) Zoom out
Space bar Stop or play a video
Shift x Switch between Edit and Position tabs


Move items

Key Action
Ctrl up, ⌘ up Move item up a layer
Ctrl down, ⌘ down Move item down a layer
Direction key Move item one pixel in specified direction*
Shift key Move item ten pixels in a specified direction

*Hold key to move multiple pixels at a time. 


Open modals

Key Action
Shift c Open the Crop modal
Shift p Open the Add from my photos tab
Shift d  Open Download modal
Shift m Open Mask modal
Shift r  Open Resize modal
Shift t Add text


Select and adjust items

Key  Action
+ Increase selected items size
Decrease selected items size
ctrl l Lock an item
a, ctrl a Select all unlocked items
 shift a, ctrl shift a Select all items 
Tab Select an item/next item
Shift tab Select previous item


Here's a quick video to get you acquainted with crucial keyboard shortcuts you'll need for designing:


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