How many free Credits does my team get monthly?

If your team is subscribed to the Premium plan, your team gets 3 Credits per month, if your team has fewer than 11 members. Similarly, they get 6 Credits per month on the Premium Plus plan if your team has fewer than 11 members. 

Teams also get Background Removal uses and Email Sends based on their preferred subscription plan. 

Credits for larger teams

Teams with more than 10 members get Credits, Background Removal uses and Email Sends per team member. The number of currencies you get is the amount you get from a single subscription multiplied by the number of members in your team. 

So if you’re a team of 12 with the Premium subscription plan, you get the following every month for free

  1. 36 Credits
  2. 360 Background Removal uses
  3. 36000 Email Sends

These currencies are shared across your team. 

Only the administrator can purchase Credit Packs.

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