How do I setup and run my Classroom Account?

Setup a Classroom account

To start using a Classroom accounts, you’ll need to upgrade your PosterMyWall account for free.

Upgrade your account via this page. Click the 'Upgrade to Classroom Account' button to upgrade your account. If you're not logged in, you will be asked to login or sign up. Creating an account on PosterMyWall is free. 

Once you’ve upgraded your account, you will be able to create a Project

Students use the project name to login to PosterMyWall. In the login page, click Student Login, type the project name (created by the teacher) and sign up. They will now have access to the editor and any project saved will be shared with the teacher. 


Running your classroom

Access your class projects


As a teacher, to access your class projects, click My Stuff to get to your design folder. On the left, you’ll see a tab marked Class projects. Click it to view any projects you’ve already created.

Create a new class project


To create a new class project, click the New button near the top of the left side of the page. Select Class project and when asked, create a unique project name. (Each project name must be unique and can only be used once.) Click Create Project and your project is ready to go.

Assign a class project

Once you’ve clicked to open your project, you’ll find instructions for students under the Student info tab on the right. There are two options:

  1. Teachers can copy and paste a link to share the project with their students. Once a student has the link, all they will need to do is click on it to enter the project. They do not have to log in.

  2. If the student has the project name or the link, they can click the student login link at the bottom of the PosterMyWall login dialog. Entering the project name (case sensitive) or pasting the link into the box will enable the student to login without sharing any personal information or setting up an account.


PosterMyWall also provides a Copy project link button to enable teachers to easily copy and share the project link. We also provide a link to Google Classroom so any teachers who use Google Classroom can post an assignment quickly and easily.

Students create their projects

Once you have provided students with the link to the Classroom project, they can enter the design tool and start creating. Click Create an Image at the bottom of the page, then select the design size, orientation, and background color as you would for any PosterMyWall design. 

Once they enter the poster maker tool, students can add text, fancy text, stock photos, stock videos, upload their own photos and videos, and add shapes and clip art just as they would for any other design. Once their design is complete, they can give it a name in the title box and click Save at the top of the page. The design will automatically appear in the project folder.

Please advise your students to be respectful of one another. Once the designs are in the folder, students can not only see each other’s designs, but edit them as well. 

View your students’ work


To view your student’s completed projects, click My Stuff to get to your design folder. On the left, you’ll see a tab marked Class projects. Click on the folder you want to view and you’ll be able to view your students’ work.

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