How to create a digital collage?

The first step to creating your collage is selecting a template with a layout that you like. The family collage poster category contains collages for all kinds of themes, with a diverse variety of layouts. Once you've picked a template, you'll need to add photos. 

Adding photos


You can edit your design in the PosterMyWall editor. Start by removing the placeholder photos that you do not need, and add your photos. 

Removing photos 

To remove photos, simply click a photo to select it, then under the Edit Image options, select Delete Image

Adding photos 

To add a photo, click the 'Photo' button on the left menu column. Click 'Add From My Photos' to add photos from your device. If you’ve added photos in the past, they will be available for use in the My Photos dialog. 

Once the photos have been added, drag and move the photos. Use the square blocks on each side of the photo to adjust the size. 

Adding photos from Facebook

You can add photos directly from your Facebook albums. Click Photo, and select ‘Add from Facebook’. You’ll be asked to login to your Facebook account. 

Once you’ve logged in, you can view your photo albums on the left side of the page. Click any album to show the complete list of photos. Click any number of photos you want to add. Once you’ve selected the photos, click the blue ‘Add Photos’ button and they will be added to your collage. 

Move and position your photos

Select and drag your photos to move them around the design. Additionally, click the 'Position' tab in the right contextual menu to make use of a wide range of positioning options including: 

  • Move the photo in front or behind other design elements.
  • Create a copy of the selected photo. 
  • Lock the photo in place.
  • Delete the photo. 
  • Flip, stretch or align the photo with respect to your design canvas. 


Touch up your photos (Optional)

You can crop and mask your photos to get the best out of each photo in your collage. 

Crop your photos to shave the background from the sides, leaving the subject of the photo more visible. 

To crop your photo: 

  1. Select your photo

  2. Under the ‘Edit Image’ options, click the ‘Crop’ icon. 

  3. Select from the four options to crop your photo. 

  4. To crop the photo on your own terms, switch to ‘free’. 

  5. Click the blue ‘Crop’ button when done. 



To completely cut away a background of your photo, masking is the perfect tool for the job. To use the masking tool: 

  1. Select your photo

  2. Under the ‘Edit Image’ options, click the ‘mask’ icon.

  3. Zoom in to get a better view, if needed. Use the magnifying glass icon to zoom in and out.

  4. Start clicking on the design, and create an outline by connecting joints. 

  5. Click the mask icon to see a preview of your mask. 

  6. Use the undo button below zoom to undo any mistakes. 

  7. Once you’re done with your mask, click the blue ‘Mask’ button to save the results. 

Save and download

Use the 'Save' option in the editor to save your work. You will find this at the blue top menu, between the 'Resize' and 'Share' button. 

Download the collage after saving. You can get free downloads and paid high resolution, print quality downloads. We offer the following download options: 

Free basic image: Contains a tiny watermark. Good for sharing online. 

Standard image: Buy for $2.99. Great for sharing online and prints up to 12 inches. 

High-res image: Buy for $7.99. Great for sharing online and prints up to 9 ft. 

Your digital collage is now all set. 

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