How do I remove the background from my image?

Note: Remove Background is part of the PosterMyWall Premium subscription plans.

To get started, open your design in your My Stuff or create one from scratch. In the editor page, select an image for background removal. On the right-side bar, click the Remove Background button.

This will remove your image’s background. Background removal may take up to 5 seconds. 

Background removal can be undone, via the undo button. You can undo background removal as long as the design is open, however, the effect is permanent once you save and close the design.

Removing image background in the Email Maker

Removing the background to images is also an option within the Email Maker.

Simply select the image whose background you want to remove, and click the Remove Background button in the right contextual menu.

Note: Remove Background can be used 30 times per month. You will be notified when you have 5 or less remaining uses. Remove Background uses remaining at the end of the month carry over to the next

With a Premium plan subscription, you get free 30 background removal uses at the start of the subscription, followed by 30 free background removal uses each month for the duration of your subscription.

You can purchase additional uses of Remove Background with Credits. Here's what Background Removal uses cost: 


Background Removals Credits
1 1
5 5
10 10

Head over to the Premium Billing page to buy Background Removals.  


Click the 'View history' tab to view the transaction history of any background removals, email sends or credits purchased. 

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