Yahoo - How to add PosterMyWall to your contacts list? 

To avoid missing out on emails from PosterMyWall, you’ll need to add PosterMyWall to your Yahoo Mail contacts list. Here are the contacts you should add: 

  1. For general alerts (download orders, updates):
  2. For marketing emails:
  3. For support and troubleshooting related queries:

To add a new contact to your Yahoo Mail account: 

  1. Open Yahoo Mail then click the Contacts icon. 
  2. Click the All tab. 
  3. Click Add a new contact.
  4. Enter a name and email address. 
  5. Click Save. 

You can also add a contact via an opened email: 

  1. Go to the sender's name or email address to display their contact card.
  2. Click Add to contacts.
  3. Enter the contact info.
  4. Click Save.
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