Using videos in your email campaigns

You can send both image and video designs in email campaigns using PosterMyWall.  

You can add image or video designs to your emails created with PosterMyWall. When working with videos, you need to be aware of the following so you can prepare your videos with email formatting in mind. 

  • The videos are converted into GIFs before being sent out via email campaigns. MP4 format files can only be sent as attachments and are not displayed in emails, which is why they’re converted to GIFs. Gif files are displayed in emails. 
  • The videos sent as GIFs do not contain audio. GIFs do not support audio tracks of any kind. 
  • The first 10 seconds of the video will be converted into a GIF only. This ensures efficient email deliverability and a smaller sized file loads quicker without getting blocked. Many email clients block emails with large attachments automatically. Videos are trimmed to speed up loading time, and to prevent your email campaigns from being blocked. If your video design is already shorter than 10 seconds, you don't need to worry! We recommend using short animated designs to get your point across through email campaigns.
  • The preview email contains a low-quality GIF with a watermark on it. A high-resolution gif without the watermark will be created once you opt to send your email campaign.
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