How do I set a thumbnail for my video?

Note: You cannot upload and set custom images as thumbnails for your video.

To set a thumbnail for your video, you'll need to open your video in the PosterMyWall. Select your video and open Trim

The first frame of your video is automatically set as your video's thumbnail. In the Trim window, select the left slider to adjust your video's starting point or first frame. Click the blue 'TRIM' button to save your settings. 


Save and download your video with the adjusted thumbnail. 

Changing video thumbnail on Facebook

You can also set your video thumbnail when posting on Facebook. 

  • On your Facebook page, click the 'Upload video' button. 
  • In the video upload dialog, click the thumbnail section. 


  • You can now use a frame in your video or a custom, uploaded picture as a frame for your video. 
  • Once you've selected your thumbnail, click 'Next' to complete your video's publishing details (video title, tags). 

Changing video thumbnail on Instagram

You can also set your video thumbnail when posting on Instagram. 

  • First, click the upload icon in your Instagram mobile app. 
  • Select your video to publish. 
  • On the video editing section, select 'Cover'.


  • Here, select the frame you would like to set as your video's cover. Instagram will also show you a short 2 second preview of the thumbnail as it will be shown to viewers. Instagram does not allow you to add custom photos as previews. 
  • Once done, you can make additional edits to the video or publish it right away. 
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