How to ensure high quality when posting content on social media?

Sometimes, you may notice a change in quality for some designs you post on social media. If your download file's quality is fine, but your social media post looks poor, follow these steps to ensure optimal quality:

  • Always click “Resize” and make sure you are sizing your design for the type of object you want to create.  We have presets for all major social media posts. For example, use the 'Instagram post' size for sharing content on Instagram, the 'Facebook shared image' size for sharing content on Facebook etc. 
  • Never place text close to the right and left edges when posting a landscape (wide) design.  Many social media platforms will show the full image on desktop, but clip the left and right on mobile devices.
  • Avoid small text - make sure text is easy to read even from a slight distance.  This is especially important when creating videos. Social media platforms compress videos to make uploading faster.  They often lower the quality in the process.  This can cause small text to look blurry.
  • Ensure all images are high-res, and not blurry. Poor quality images get even blurrier when shared on social media. You may use our stock graphic resources to ensure your images are high quality. 
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