How do I display my designs with Fugo digital signage

Fugo has partnered with PosterMyWall to provide a streamlined digital signage solution from creating content via the PosterMyWall editor to displaying it on your screens.

If you want to display your digital signage with Fugo digital signage, read on. 

You can choose to publish your content directly from PosterMyWall and from Fugo, we'll go step by step as to how to publish via both apps. 

Note: You'll need to be registered to both apps to make full use of the digital signage integration between the apps. 

Getting started via PosterMyWall

To publish your content on Fugo via the PosterMyWall My Stuff page, follow these steps: 

  • For any of your saved digital signage designs, click the 3 dotted line to open the dropdown menu. 
  • If you haven't downloaded this design before, you'll need to download it first. Otherwise, click the 'publish' button. 
  • In the Publish interface, select the 'digital signage' option. 
  • In our list of partners, select 'Fugo'. Then click the blue 'continue' button. 
  • Click 'Go to Fugo' in the next option. You will be taken to the Fugo Design Studio. 
  • In the Fugo Design Studio, you can add more videos, adjust the length of individual videos, name and publish your playlists. 
  • For a detailed guide on using the Design Studio, read this guide or watch the quick video tutorial below. 

Getting started via Fugo

  • First steps first, log in to your Fugo account. If you don't have an account yet, they offer a free trial
  • Once logged in, click 'Apps' in the top navigation bar to go to the app store. 
  • Search for the PosterMyWall app in the list by scrolling down or using the search box. 
  • Click 'Try app' to create your first playlist.
  • A window will appear, allowing your to check out settings or log in to your PosterMyWall account. 
  • Next, click the 'Allow' button to allow access to the app. 
  • In the new pop-out window, you can click the 'Choose your PosterMyWall item' button to browse through your designs. 
  • Click the item you want to display. 
  • Set the duration, then click 'Save changes' to continue. 

Build a playlist

You can create playlists to automate your signage screens to run according to your requirements. You can set what videos play on which screens, on which order and for how long.  

To add content to your playlist, head over to the playlists page by clicking 'Playlists' in the top navigation bar and 'Create Playlist' to start a new playlist.

  • Give your playlist a name (use a name that distinguishes this playlist from your other playlists).
  • 'Select Screens' to choose where to publish your playlist.
  • Add content to your playlist by clicking 'Add More Content'. You can add content from other sources by using option.
  • Change the schedule of your content by setting the start and end date and clicking 'Week Schedule' to edit the days and times your signage content will run.
  • After setting up your playlist, click 'Publish' in the bottom right-hand corner of the interface to publish or schedule your signage content.
  • You can always click 'Finish Later' to revise your content if it's not ready to go out just yet. 

And you're all set! If you run into any troubles, you can always send us a message


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