How do I add a call-to-action button to my email?

A call-to-action button allows you to assign a goal to your email campaign. Use it to take readers to your landing page and learn more about your product, service or blog post that’s highlighted in the email. 

To add your call-to-action button, open your email template in the PosterMyWall Email Maker: 

  • Click, ‘More’, then select ‘Button’ from the expanded options on the left menu 
  • You’ll find a ‘click me’ button with rounded borders in your email
  • Select and hold the 4 opposite facing arrows button to move the button around the email template


Customize your call-to-action button

Adding a button is only half of the job done. You can now customize the button’s look and add a link to it. 


Find customization options for adding your link, changing the background, text and border colors for your button in the right contextual menu. These options are only available if you have the button selected. 


See our detailed guide on creating your email with the PosterMyWall Email Maker or the video below to learn more. 

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