Can I add social media links to my email design?

Learn how to add social media links and icons via video: 

Add social media links to allow readers to click through and browse your various social media accounts. In the PosterMyWall Email Maker, you can pick and choose which social media network links you want to add. 

Choose from up to 15 social media sites, messenger apps and email options. You can also black and white silhouettes of links, if you do not want to add their colored counterparts. To add your socials: 

  • Click ‘Social’ on the left menu in the Email Maker. If you don’t see the option, click ‘More’ to expand the list of options.  
  • Clicking will add the Socials tab to the bottom of the email template. You also hold, then drag and drop the socials to anywhere on your email. 
  • Edit the socials by selecting, then adding or removing links from the right contextual menu (more on this below). 


Editing socials 

Add your social media links beside the respective icons. For example, add your Facebook page or group’s link under the text box beside the Facebook icon, as shown below. If you don’t have a Facebook page, or don’t want to link one, you can remove it via the corresponding trash can icon. 


Click the ‘Add a social link’ button to add a social media page icon that’s not present by default. Use this to add a link for a variety of websites and communication options, including LinkedIn, Reddit, Google Maps, WhatsApp, Twitch, email and more. 

Use a variety of options, including borders, background colors, spacing, icon size and icon spacing to further customize your social icons. These options are available in the right contextual menu.  


To learn more about creating your email, see our detailed guide on creating an email with the PosterMyWall email editor. You may also watch the video below for a quick recap on the feature. 

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