What is the difference between Campaign and Audience metrics?

Whilst tracking email performance for any of your email campaigns, you might be confused as to which metrics to look at.

The performance tab offers Campaign and Audience metrics, and while both are important, it is essential to know the difference between them to make sure you are analyzing performance metrics accurately.

Campaign metrics

Campaign metrics shows you performance metrics for your campaign.


These include the reach, open rate, click rate, and the number of people unsubscribed for any given email campaign. 

‘Reach’ refers to the number of people, out of the total people in your audience, whose inbox the email reached.

Open rate refers to the percentage of people out of total recipients who opened said email.

Click rate, or click-through-rate, refers to the percentage of unique clicks on the clickable links embedded in your email.

To find out more about what each metric means, read this detailed article on the 5 must-track email marketing software metrics for marketers.

Audience metrics

Audience metrics uses the same metrics, but focuses more specifically on audiences, i.e. mailing lists.


It is a different way from Campaign performance to sum up data for your email campaigns, one that is solely focused on the recipients of your emails and their behavior. It is helpful for marketers to see the viability of their mailing lists using the Audience metrics feature.

Although, as the screenshot shows, most of the metrics are the same as campaign performance (reach, open rate, click rate, etc.), these are from the perspective of the audience.

So while Campaign performance shows metrics for any given email campaign, Audience performance shows the same metrics of measuring performance, but these measure how an audience is performing, as opposed to an email campaign.

The performance tab also gives you the option to compare Campaign metrics for any two email campaigns or to compare Audience metrics for any two audiences/mailing lists.

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