How do I create Intro Animations?

For a quick tutorial on Intro Animations, watch this video: 

Intro Animations are a stylish new way to present your content online. To create an animation, open a design (image or video) and without selecting any item, find the new ‘Animation’ option on the right contextual menu in the editor. Intro Animations come in 4 forms, shown below:



All movable items will gradually appear into view. You can alter the appearance time using the ‘Speed’ option under ‘Animation’.



All movable items slide to the left or the right. You can choose the sliding direction and speed using the ‘Direction’ and ‘Speed’ options respectively.




Your movable items will rise into view. You can alter the animation speed using the ‘speed’ option. 

Bounce Down


Your movable items fall down into the canvas, travel a certain distance along the canvas, then stop, bounce and settle at their destination. You can alter the animation speed using the ‘Speed’ option. 

Intro Animation pricing

Intro Animations are free to use, so a video with an added animation will be available for purchase for $14.95. A 4K animated design with a video will cost $24.95. 

Images with Intro Animations are available for download as videos, in mp4 and .gif formats. Unlike other videos, they are available for download for only $2.99, which is the standard image download price. 4K Video downloads for animated images are available for $7.99. 


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