Introduction to the Contextual Menu

PosterMyWall aims to simplify and streamline your design experience without limiting creativity. An easy way to have multiple design tools available at your fingertips is by using the Contextual Menu. 

What is the Contextual Menu? 

Right-click anywhere within your design's canvas to reveal a dropdown of options available to you. The Contextual Menu works differently when done on your design background or graphics. 

Note: Right-clicking or long-pressing outside of your design canvas does not open the Contextual Menu. In that case, your browser's right-click options will open. 

The Contextual Menu on a background

The Contextual Menu on a background allows you to:

  • Save your work.
  • Resize your design. 
  • Paste a graphic item*.

*This option is only available if you've selected a graphic item in your design, then used Ctrl + C on your keyboard (Cmd + C in the case of a Mac) to copy it to your clipboard. You can also copy graphics via a Contextual Menu Option. 

If you're on mobile, long press on your background or graphics to open up the Contextual Menu. 

The Contextual Menu on Graphics


The Contextual Menu on graphics (such as a photo or a text item) is divided to the Edit and Position tabs. In the Edit tab, you can: 

  • Add a variety of effects, such as shadows, borders, filters, opacity, tint and multiply.
  • Change your text item's font, colors, size, letter spacing, line height and alignment. 
  • Replace an image, remove a color or background from your selected image. 
  • Mask and crop your image. 
  • Change your image's brightness. 

In the Position tab, you can: 

  • Send item backward (send it back one layer).
  • Send the item back (send it behind all graphic items).
  • Bring the item forward (bring it up one layer).
  • Bring the item to the front (bring it in front of all graphic items).
  • Duplicate the item. 
  • Delete the item. 
  • Lock the item in place in the Contextual Menu or click 'Unlock Position' to unlock a locked item. 

On Mobile

The Contextual menu on graphics on mobile has similar features. Use the mini door icon on the bottom left to expand or hide the contextual menu.

This is how it looks:

Screenshot_2023-11-26-23-39-37-13_40deb401b9ffe8e1df2f1cc5ba480b12 (1).jpgScreenshot_2023-11-26-23-39-29-67_40deb401b9ffe8e1df2f1cc5ba480b12 (1).jpg

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