How do I create my Brand Kit?

Note: This feature is only available on the Premium Plus subscription.

If you create graphic design content for particular businesses and brands, having certain fonts, colors and graphics on hand will help you save time otherwise spent on browsing.  

Use a Brand Kit to set your branded logo (or images), font, primary color and secondary color. These can be added easily to your designs without the need to look for them every time you create a new design. 

Creating a Brand Kit

To create a Brand Kit, head over to the My Stuff page. On the left menu, pick the 'Brand Kits' option. If this is your first time creating a Brand Kit, click the blue 'Create a new brand' button below the illustration on the Brand Kits page. 

Add your brand name, then get started. 

Brand Kits are divided into 3 sections, 'brand logos', 'brand colors' and 'brand fonts'. 

Brand logos

Click the 'Upload a logo' button to upload your branded logo and images from your device. Your branded images will be available in the My Photos menu. This can be used in your designs via the PosterMyWall editor. If you have multiple Brand Kits registered, click the brand name to pick and choose your Brand Kit. 

Brand colors

Next, you'll need to add your brand colors. The primary color is the more dominant color on your brand (think McDonald's and the color red). Secondary colors are present to add to the spaces left behind (think McDonald's and the color yellow). 

Use the color palette box to add your brand color. If you have a color hex you’d like to use, just enter it in the text box right below the color palette box. 

Branded colors are available for use in color selection options for images, text, background, clipart and other items. If you have multiple Brand Kits registered, click the brand name to pick and choose your Brand Kit. 

Brand fonts

Lastly, add your brand fonts. Click the 'new font' button to open the font selection menu. Here you can select a font to set as your branded font. You can also use your uploaded custom fonts. Next, select a suitable font color. Click 'Add new font' to save your branded font. 

You can use your brand colors with your branded fonts, allowing you to have both the right fonts and colors at your disposal when creating branded content. Make use of your brand’s primary and secondary colors with the fonts you want to use. 

Brand fonts are available in the PosterMyWall editor via the 'Plain text' option, or any other tool that uses plain text, such as menus, schedules, tear-off tabs and tables. Instead of browsing the font list, your brand fonts are available at the top of the font list. You can change the brand font simply by switching the Brand Kit. 

Your Brand Kit is now ready to use! 

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