How do I add a new section to my email

Watch this video to get a refresher on adding sections:

With sections, you can organize elements horizontally in columns and try different layouts. Add text content, graphics and call-to-action buttons to populate your sections.

To add a section, open your email template in the PosterMyWall Email Maker

  • Click the 'Section' button on the left menu (it's the first option from the top)
  • Clicking an item adds it to the bottom of the email. You can also drag-and-drop to add an item to your desired place in the email. 
  • Click the 'Insert text' box to start typing your text. Edit the text font, size, color, layout and more via the right contextual menu
  • Select and hold the button with 4 opposite facing arrows to move the section around the email template.  


Additionally, you can edit, remove and add additional items to a section. 

Edit your email section

Each section in your email forms the bread and butter of your marketing email. You can add an image, text content, fix up columns to fit your style, add background colors and make adjustments such as change column roundness, width or border width. 


You can add background images and videos and change the background color of individual columns. Use the Upload button next to “Background media” under the right contextual menu to add background images and video. Use the Add button next to “Background color” to change the background color.


Use the Text and Button options on the left menu to add text content and clickable buttons to your email. Drag and drop these items in place. Use ‘Table’ to add a table to your column. Use ‘Video’ and ‘Sticker’ to add videos and stickers respectively. Then drag and drop these items in place. 

Watch this quick video to learn about adding tables to your email. 

Items can be dragged and dropped directly from their respective menus as well.

Using columns 


Use columns to adjust how content is presented in each section. If you want to give special emphasis on an image or video, spread out content equally, or divide it into 2 focal points, you can do this with columns. 

And that's everything you need to know to add and work with sections in the PosterMyWall Email Maker. Watch the video below for a quick recap of the feature.  

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